Use Technology to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Technology sure can make our day-to-day tasks much simpler but did you ever consider how new gadgets and gizmos can be incorporated into our kitchens?

Smart Refrigerators

If you’ve ever spent an hour staring at a sticky note trying to come up with a grocery list, you might benefit from a smart refrigerator. These fridges monitor grocery lists, let you order food online, watch videos, follow recipes and more. Food is even preserved longer due to the temperature automatically adjusting to how often the door is open and closed.

Smart Ovens

Another smart purchase is a smart oven! These ovens will adjust your cooking time and temperature based on the level of doneness and the type of pan used. Set the cooking temp. from your smart phone so when you get home, your meal is done. Have you ever needed to adjust your oven but your hands are covered in grease? Luckily, the smart oven is controlled by voice command. You can also set the oven to bake for an hour, broil for a few minutes or just keep your food warm for 15 minutes. There are a few models on the market that even let you watch TV or use the Internet while cooking.

Smart Dishwashers

By using a smart dishwasher, homeowners can turn their dishwasher on or off via their smart phone. These genius appliances also automatically order detergent refills and a smart thermostat can be utilized to adjust the temperature for the heat that the appliance might generate.

Smart Lighting

Through the use of smart lighting, your smart phone will create various ambiances by selecting the proper color, tone and amount of light. Your lightbulb will even flash when you receive a new email or text!

Amazon Echo

From two-day shipping to movie rentals and original series, Amazon is making some major advancements. Amazon’s Echo is a new smart home assistant to turns on the coffee marker for you, tells you the news headlines and plays for your music so you can start the day off right! Not to mention, this little gadget will turn your lights on and off for you.

Bluetooth & WiFi Dinner Plate

Featuring mini cameras and weight sensors, these nifty dinner plates help with portion control by sending you an alert if you eat too much. You can also monitor each meal and connect it to FitBit. A smart fork can also be useful, also measuring your food intake and flashing when you eat too much.

Other Smart Appliances:

  • Smart decanters – Collects info about various winemakers so you can speed up the maturing process.
  • Smart frying pan – Indicates its own cooking temperature.
  • Egg tracker – Scans eggs in the refrigerator so you can see which eggs are older.

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