The Kitchen is the Hub of the Home

Within the last century, kitchen designs have completely transformed from a functional space to the hub of the home. A recent publication by Gestalten and Michelle Gailndo titled, Kitchen Kulture discusses the how the kitchen has transitioned from a place to eat to the epicenter of the home.

In this beautifully written book, the Galindos discuss how the kitchen has transformed into the living room, providing a place for families to cook, entertain and lounge. The kitchen is now the perfect space to host guests, events and even partake in collaborative cooking. Once serving solely as a room to eat in, the kitchen now adapts to aesthetic trends and provides a multi-functional purpose.

When working with the award winning designers at Granite State Cabinetry, your kitchen can be renovated into any design imaginable. During the consultation, our team will listen to your needs and work within your budget to create a kitchen that meets your specifications. Not only will we create an environmentally-friendly kitchen but your new space will promote an improved lifestyle. Regardless of the size of the space, we can work with an open-design plan or create a galley kitchen.

Whether your kitchen renovation is a smaller project or you’re looking to significantly expand the space, Granite State Cabinetry will infuse your kitchen with charisma and highlight your personality. We utilize some of the best products on the market including cabinets from leading brands such as Plain & Fancy, Omega and Medallion.

As a company with an eye for detail, we understand that being thorough is crucial when coming up with a kitchen design plan. By providing a thorough approach, we can intertwine aesthetics with practicality. At Granite State Cabinetry, it’s our mission to rebuild your kitchen and enhance your lifestyle.

If you’re ready to get your kitchen remodeled in Southern NH, contact Granite State Cabinetry at 603.472.4080. Feel free to take a look at our kitchen renovation gallery to see what we can do for you.

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