What You Need to Know When Choosing Kitchen Countertops

When it comes to kitchen redesign, the countertops play an imperative role. Look, durability and maintenance tend to be the three essential criteria for choosing countertops. Every homeowner has different needs, and sometimes our clients prioritize features like countertops’ longevity, resistance to scratches and stains, effortless cleaning and maintenance, etc. Last but not least, there should be a reasonable cost-quality trade-off.


In terms of budgeting your brand new countertops, the expert renovators and interior designers usually go by the following advice. The rule of thumb is to dedicate roughly 10-20% of the total remodeling budget on the countertops alone. Depending on each individual case, anywhere up to 40% of the total budget is a reasonable amount. Of course, you should consider the overall scope of work and the size of your kitchen, and plan accordingly.


Making an investment in great performance and pleasing aesthetics bodes well. The kitchen countertop is a highly visible element of your home’s interior, which is also being used on a daily basis. Meal preparation, cooking and eating all start there. Upgrading your countertops will not only improve the functionality and style of the kitchen but increase your home’s value and create a completely new feel to it.


The most popular materials used for countertops are natural stones, such as the most trending granite and marble, as well as soapstone and concrete. Alternatively, artificial materials like quartz and quartzite can resemble natural stone and be a good option for homeowners on a tighter kitchen remodeling budget. Other common materials for countertops include wood, metal, glass, tile, and more.


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