Top Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom

While it may not be as luxurious as the kitchen, bathrooms are America’s second most popular home renovation project, per the 2016 Houzz Bathroom Trends Study.

So why not join the rest of us and hop on the bathroom renovation bandwagon with some of the hottest bathroom renovation trends around New Hampshire. This year some of the most popular remodeling projects included luxurious finishes, huge shower spaces, and adding flair of style to your space. If your bathroom needs a face lift now is the perfect time to renovate!

According to recent trends, one of the least used features in the bathroom is the tub. Nationally over 50% of homeowners do not use the tub to bathe whatsoever. Before remodeling a bath, ask yourself if you are going to be using the tub. If not, then this gives you more space and resources to be flexible with your remodel.

With the decline of the traditional bath/shower combination, showers have been trending up in recent years. One hot trend in bathroom remodeling is adding what’s called a “power shower.” Power showers are much bigger in size and space, while adding cool features that you would not find on a traditional shower. Houzz data has shown that 68% of those who are renovating increased shower space by more than 50%. Some other popular shower features included:

  • Rainfall showerhead (54% of remodels)
  • Dual Shower (21%)
  • Curbless Shower (17%)
  • Body Sprays (16%)
  • Footrests (13%)
  • Steam Options (2%)

Newer showers have also enjoyed some other exciting high-tech features that can really bring your bathroom to the next level. Options like mood lighting, built-in speakers, digital controls, LED lighting, and shower heads with Bluetooth speakers all can make you feel like you’re in a Sci-Fi movie.

So you finally have the cool new shower that makes all your friends jealous, what’s next? You must tie it all together for a cohesive look, which means updating the floors and walls with a new trending style.

This year’s common floor materials according to Houzz are ceramic or porcelain tiling. This can add a sophisticated, yet easily cleanable look that not only looks great but provides functionality as well. Some other hot flooring is stone tile, painted wood, stained or unstained hardwood, vinyl and laminate floors. With so many options it’s hard to go wrong with whatever direction you choose.

For wall coverings, we’ve been seeing a lot ceramic and porcelain tiles as well as stone tiles. Other popular options are painted wood panels, stained and unstained hardwood, and the classic- wallpaper. Plenty of options allow you to have your choice at which design/style you want and can open a whole new level of customization.

While it’s not the most glorious part of the bathroom renovation, toilets have actually been seeing some high-tech upgrades in the past few years. In the annual Houzz study, it has been revealed that 20% of toilets installed during a renovation included some kind of high-tech features. Some exciting features showcased include self-cleaning systems, overflow protection, motion-activated seats, built-in night lights, heated seats (perfect for the brutal NH winters), automatic deodorizers and hands-free flushing.

Not only will a bathroom renovation increase the value of your home, it can create a space that feels personalized exactly how you want it- creating a comfortable refuge where you can get away for the stresses of the day. Anyone will appreciate a stylish, useful and beautiful space whether it be your guests or yourself, a bathroom remodel will be well worth the costs.

Over 90% of those who decided to do a master bathroom renovation in New Hampshire enlisted the help of a professional. The Granite State Cabinetry team has assisted in creating the ultimate dream baths for a countless number of happy clients in New Hampshire and beyond. You can take a look at some of our work here and get some inspiration for your next bathroom renovation. If you’re thinking about taking to next step towards creating your dream bathroom give us a call at 603-472-4080 and we’ll get started today!

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