The Importance of Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

A carefully crafted, multi-layered lighting design acts as a major component when renovating a kitchen. When designing your dream kitchen be sure to include a combination of ambient, accent, task and decorative lighting. While choosing the perfect pendant lighting to hang over your island or recessed ceiling fixtures, opt for positioned lighting which illuminates while setting the right mood for your space.

Under the Cabinets

Soft, ambient lighting is often promoted through under cabinet lighting. They’re also extremely useful for preparing food and reading recipes. If you are seeking a targeted, adjustable light then puck lights are the perfect solution. Puck lights aren’t for you? Try a lighting bar that offers brighter lights and covers a greater amount of space. Remember, only the light should be visible and not the actual fixture.

Inside the Cabinets

Lighting inside the cabinets can serve two purposes—either decorative or a practical purpose.  Glass front cabinets typically include accent lighting which illuminates decorative glassware and fine china. Internal lighting is generally used to reach spaces that shed light on the contents inside the cabinet.

Above the Cabinets

Light fixtures above wall cabinets offer ambient lighting and serves to set the mood of the room. When homeowners choose energy efficient LED lighting, they can even afford to leave them on during the night since the bulbs do not get too warm.

Toe Kick Lights

In need of an extra light source? Toe kick lights at the base of your cabinets may seem a bit unconventional but offer an excellent source of light when sneaking through the kitchen for a midnight snack. A warm glow can be managed by installing strips of LED lights at the base of the cabinets. These specific lights can be sensor activated for your convenience!

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