The Benefits of Incorporating Smaller Appliances into Your Kitchen

Smaller homes are becoming quite popular, not only because they are cheaper but they are cozy and adorable. Homeowners still have the luxury of create a welcoming space without compromising functionality. Appliance manufacturers are now accommodating smaller spaces by producing miniature appliances. Vertical freezers and dishwashers have grown increasingly popular and vertical washer-dryers can fit inside a regular-sized closet.

Some manufacturers are producing appliances that are less than 24 inches – this is a great solution for those residing on beachfront bungalows or cabins. Millennials are now purchasing their first homes which are generally a bit smaller. Mini appliances are perfect for millennials with smaller homes or those looking to save money.

At Granite State Cabinetry, we’re seeing more and more customers with smaller appliances even if they live in a larger home. Refrigerators under the counter are ideal for those in pool houses, auxiliary bars, etc. A smaller refrigerator can also be placed in the bedroom to store juice, water, medicine and more. Vertical wine fridges are now often kept under staircases, pantries and entryways. By installing smaller kitchen appliances into your home, you’ll notice a significant amount of closet and storage space that can be utilized for other items.

If you’re looking for small items in your kitchen, contact Granite State Cabinetry at 603.472.4080. We’ll help you with your kitchen design as well as discuss the best products to fit your needs.

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