Storage Solutions for Your Southern NH Home

It’s well-known that there is typically an abundance of utensils available in the kitchen, ranging from countertop appliances such as blenders and mixers to bulkier equipment. Our design team always asks our clients what they store in the kitchen so we can ensure that we’re designing a kitchen that functions for them. A majority of our clients store coffee pots, blenders and microwave ovens on their countertop but they generally desire a cleaner look with limited items on the counter.

Double-stacked kitchen cabinets are the perfect solution to those with storage shortages. Not only do double-stacked kitchen cabinets increase your storage space, they also offer more room to create dramatic displays and a cleaner, finished look.

How to Double-Stack Cabinets

Your kitchen space must be able to accommodate both sets of wall cabinets. In most kitchens, wall-hung cabinets go up to the ceiling. If there is at least one foot of space between the existing cabinets and the ceiling, you should be able to install double-stacked cabinets.

Double-Stack Cabinet Advantages

More Room for Storage – Countertop appliances can be stored neatly in the cabinets along with cookware, pots and pans.

Add a Personal Touch – You can actually display your favorite vases, travel items, serving plates or decorative accents behind a glass paneled cabinet. If you have special trinkets or candles that add a homey touch, then this would be a great place to keep them.

Interior Cabinet Lighting – The combination of glass front cabinets with interior cabinet lighting produces a beautiful spotlight. Interior cabinet lighting also highlights pendant and recessed lighting for a brighter space.

Seamless Look – If the cabinets do not reach the ceiling it can make the room appear smaller and  not fully developed. When cabinets reach the ceiling, the room comes together and looks absolutely flawless.

What You Need to Consider

Accessing the Cabinets – It can be difficult to reach the uppermost part of the cabinet without a step stool. If you’re okay with grabbing a small ladder or stool to reach the stacked cabinets, then you are good to go!

Increased Budget – Since you’re doubling the amount of wall-hung cabinets in your home, you’ll need to increase your budget.

Cleaning Time – Don’t forget that you’ll need to set aside more time to clean. You will actually have about 33% more surface to maintain.

Available Space – The idea of double-stacked cabinetry may intrigue you but it could make your kitchen feel much smaller.

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