Selecting the Perfect Light for Your Kitchen

At Granite State Cabinetry, we are always happy to sit down with our clients to gage a better understanding of how they want the style of their kitchen to look. By doing this, we can see which materials, fixtures, cabinets and lighting should be incorporated into the room. Some homeowners are seeking a room that appears larger while others desire a more intimate feel.

If you don’t have the proper lighting, your kitchen can appear dull and lifeless. Lighting makes the kitchen seem larger especially if you position the lighting on vertical surfaces. Ambient lighting is a great way to create more space and draw attention to beautiful architecture.

Customers who’ve chosen a stone countertop for an island will surely enjoy a gorgeous chandelier with dimmers. If a customer uses the kitchen late night in the evening, occupancy sensors will be their best bet. These are bright enough to navigate through the kitchen but won’t spread too much light into other rooms in the home.

Colors on the floor, wall coverings, countertops, cabinets, etc. also play a major factor in the look and feel of the kitchen. The light will bounce around more if a dark color is selected since it absorbs more light. Shinier surfaces reflect more light than matted surfaced. If you have dark, textured finishes then you need more light.

Another influence when choosing lighting for your kitchen is the size and space. If the room doesn’t receive a substantial amount of daylight then again, you’ll need more lighting. Recessed lighting is extremely popular as it generates a beautiful color palette. Exposed lamps create a warmer environment compared with sunlight entering the kitchen through glass doors and windows.

For those of you who adore their ambient lighting, pendants and surface-mounted fixtures can be installed around the perimeter. Pendants create light either upward or downward and have a major impact on the look of the kitchen.

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