Future Bathrooms

Planning for the Future

When deciding on a new kitchen or bathroom design, you want a design that will last. Not just quality products; but a design, color scheme, and overall feel that will last through the ages and not become a dated bathroom or kitchen that you’d be embarrassed for guests to see. There are so many generic designs that have proven to be timeless but if you want to be creative and adventurous while remaining on the forefront of bath and kitchen designs, consider these options which will never outdate your new project.

High Tech Appliances

You may already be aware of smart fridges and other advanced appliances and although they may not be popular yet (due to cost), it is a trend that has been on the rise. It’s no secret that everything is advancing in technology, and appliances are no exception. Consumers will eventually expect all their appliances to be connected and available to access via smartphone, tablet, etc. It will be a world where forgetting to preheat the oven will be obsolete, where cooking directions and recipes may be accessible by a countertop screen. It is the future of kitchens, and a trend that will undoubtedly continue to rise in the coming years.

Going Green

Along with high tech appliances, energy efficient appliances are also a growing demand. Kitchen appliances, toilets, shower heads; consumers are becoming more and more interested in environmentally friendly and sustainable products for their households.

An ageless kitchen is a timeless one.

As people get older they may find it more difficult to perform certain tasks in the kitchen. Perhaps reaching the corner cabinet, or even standing at the counter. People are living longer and staying in the same place so a kitchen that is easily accessible for all ages may help you in the long run. Adjustable countertops and cabinets as well as more focused lighting are only a few ways you will still be able to use your kitchen like a pro in your later years!

Most important room in the house.

The kitchen is quite often the room where family and guests gather to socialize. This is an aspect of the kitchen that can be taken advantage of by incorporating the kitchen as a more open space, connected to other rooms with wide doorways. The kitchen should not be a separate room, this would negate socialization. Many kitchens already have this type of layout, but it is a design that will continue to be popular.

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