How to Maintain Functionality in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a most used and loved room in every household, offering a sanctuary for families to cook, do homework entertain and enjoy one another, you’ll surely want to this space to be as warm and as functional as possible. Let’s explore some kitchen accessories that will help accommodate a more workable and organized family space.

The Super Susan not Lazy anymore

The Super Susan has replaced the Lazy Susan and is the most common corner accessory used in the kitchen. It offers two rotating trays that are built into the cabinet making it an easy reach. The tray is now supported by a shelf and each tray can hold 75lbs. many use these super durable trays for all of their cookware.

Large Drawers

Getting to the back of your cabinet or pantry can be quite aggravating. Now most kitchens are designed with large drawers that can hold plates and bowls as well as all your cookware and everything in between. These drawers allow you to grab any items at easy reach without having to get on your hands and knees and did around.

Vertical Storage Spaces

Where to store all of your cutting boards, cookie sheets and roasting pans? Vertical storage areas allow for a small space to be used in a big way, where all of your vertical items can be seen and grabbed in a moments notice.

When planning your kitchen renovation, every decision comes down to functionality. Perhaps you cook on the run or you want to maximize counter space. There are plenty of accessories and storage solutions that can be installed to create a completely functional kitchen. Contact Granite State Cabinetry at (603) 472-4080 to begin your kitchen remodel!

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