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How to Design the Perfect Cottage Kitchen

You may not have that fairytale cottage that you’ve been desiring since childhood but there are plenty of ways to transform your home’s interior into a cottage-like atmosphere.

Using exposed cabinetry and incorporating vintage lighting is the first trick to attaining your cottage kitchen. One of the trademarks is open shelving that showcase vintage, floral designed plates. Show off your vintage china collection by distressing the wood on your open shelving.

A quintessential cottage isn’t complete without off-white cabinetry and handmade accessories. Hardwood floors running through the kitchen will really make the light cabinetry pop. Don’t have enough storage? Wicker baskets are a fabulous accessory to complete any cottage-style kitchen.

If you want a real whimsical kitchen, chandeliers are a nice touch above the dining room table. Bamboo lattice-back dining chairs are absolutely breathtaking as well. Cottage style kitchens don’t need to mimic a rural landscape, often times, homeowners opt for a seaside cottage kitchen. Incorporate light green paint and some nautical touches such as seashells, lighthouse fixtures and anchor printed fixtures.

For those who desire a modern spin on a cottage kitchen, make use of exposed cabinets, vintage light fixtures and bright accent colors. Make sure the walls are neutral to make the bright colors pop! Don’t forget about the farmhouse sink as these are typically included in cottage kitchens. You don’t always need white sinks, however, use a pastel color such as vapor green.

Including cottage icons in your design is key and it adds a little something extra to the classic cottage style look. Consider installing beaded boards, moldings and schoolhouse lights. You don’t always need new appliances when updating your kitchen, especially for cottage kitchens. Use refurbished appliances and an antique table for a “lived-in” feel.

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