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Will Dark Floors Be Popular This Year?

Neutral wood flooring has become an outdated trend as homeowners are now turning to bold looks. It’s not only dark floors that will be popular this year, in fact, we can expect to see a whole spectrum of colors.

Dark Wood Floors

Paired with white cabinetry and light countertops, dark stained wood floors create an absolutely eye-catching kitchen. However, dark floors can make the room look smaller so if you have an open floor plan, this would be the perfect space to incorporate dark hardwood floors. In the upcoming years, we’ll be seeing more espresso brown and black wood.

Blonde Wood Floors

As we’ve discussed in past blogs, bamboo flooring is certainly trending. Light colors are ideal for small kitchens as they brighten up the room and make the kitchen appear open. Blonde wood floors also hide dust better so you don’t need to worry about sweeping everyday.

Gray Wood Floors

Gray hardwood floors actually started popping up in homes several years ago and we don’t see them going out of style anytime soon. Gray wood floors are starting to outrank red, warm tones because they showcase natural grains and grooves of the wood.

Extreme Grain

Choose a wood floor whose texture guides your eyes to the floor. A light wood with dark knots creates a charming rustic look. Some homeowners adore wire brushing or hand scraping to add a bit of texture to their floors. Keep in mind that a heavily-textured floor collects dust so you’ll need to be cleaning fairly often.

Hardwood Designs

While some people prefer nearly invisible lines on their hardwood floors, others are moving in another direction with geometric hardwood designs. Contrasting colors of hardwood are positioned in a herringbone style, usually in the direction you want a person’s eye to follow. If designs are too overwhelming, hardwood can be placed diagonally.

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