Storage & Disposal Solutions for Your Kitchen

A well-designed kitchen goes beyond the style and layout. While focusing on the highly visible areas, some details are often overlooked and one of them is an effective garbage storage solution. According to a recent survey conducted by Houzz, the homeowners going through kitchen renovations now give a higher priority to pull-out waste and recycling bin cabinets. There is a number of benefits associated with choosing pull-out options over stand-alone alternatives as it pertains to trash and recycling storage.


The first obvious advantage relates to the appearance of the garbage storage, or should we say its absence. The trash is hidden inside a drawer or a cabinet, yet easily accessible. With stand-alone bins, it’s not always easy finding the perfect size, that would fit in the cabinet under the sink and utilize all the space efficiently. With our customized solutions, we provide our clients with the functionality they deserve.


Pull-out rubbish containers can fit into a kitchen of any design, size, etc. Deep drawers can be utilized for recycling and trash containers and keep their contents out of sight. For large kitchens, we might recommend making use of several drawers as the storage for rubbish.


Built-in trash bins are easy to use and can be placed wherever it’s most convenient. For example, we often hear requests to place a garbage disposal drawer under the designated meal prepping area. There is also a great option to use the drawer right above the pull-out container as a cutting board insert with a hole in it. The hole will allow the waste to get swept into the compost bin right away and the entire cutting board insert can remain hidden when not in use.

Environmental Efficiency

It becomes even easier to divide waste when you have all the specified containers. We’ve laid out pull-out containers for compost and recyclables, such as paper, glass, and metal.

Odor Control

Needless to say, leftovers and product waste can be a source of nasty odors. If you’re looking to dispose of compost, consider pull-out containers with lids.

Here at Granite State Cabinetry, we ask our clients various questions on how they plan to use their new kitchen, how often they cook and entertain and their environmental preferences, among others to help assure that our recommendations not only result in a beautiful new space but one that is equally fun and easy to use. If you are interested in a new kitchen or discussing how you can alter your existing space to make it more functional and enjoyable, please give us a call at (603) 472-4080, reach out online or visit our showroom at 384 Route 101, Bedford, NH.

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