Meet the Team

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Frank Morris Sr.

Frank Sr. has a vast background in construction, residential design and business management. As a home builder prior to purchasing Granite State Cabinetry in 1996, Frank is uniquely qualified to provide solutions that incorporate all aspects of the remodel process.  As the owner of Granite State Cabinetry, he takes great pride in the day-to-day operation of his business and believes every customer is entitled to the best in customer service and satisfaction.

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Mariette Morris

Mariette has an eye for detail and uses that ability when reviewing all orders that are processed for the company to insure accuracy; one of the many steps the company takes to ensure a smooth flowing operation. Mariette can often be found decorating the showroom for the holidays and has a knack for catering the special events in the showroom.

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Sue Cannon

Sue has been in the sales industry for over 25 years and establishes a wonderful working relationship with all our clients. Her relaxed approach and easy going style are conveyed to make you feel at home with our team. Sue has a clear understanding of what customers expect and delivers it job after job. As a Mom and accomplished home Chef, Sue’s passion is in the kitchen.

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Frank Morris Jr.

Frank Jr. has over 14 years experience in the cabinet industry.  Starting in the warehouse and making deliveries to start, Frank has learned the business from the ground up.  His experience includes sales management for one of the country’s largest cabinet manufacturers before returning to the family business as a kitchen and bath designer.  Frank’s award-winning designs have been published in the finest regional publications.

Richard copy

Richard Fishel

Dick’s experience in the cabinet industry spans over 25 years from his days installing cabinetry to his current position as an award-winning, nationally published designer. While more than capable at providing high-end solutions for your kitchen, Dick is most comfortable when offering solutions that make the most of a client’s space and budget, regardless of the size of the job.

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Jackie Friberg

Jackie has over 10 years of experience in designing kitchens and is known for her technical expertise. She combines all the elements of form and function along with keen eye for design details. Her commitment is to provide the best service from start to finish and she is known by homeowners and builders for her ability to make the whole kitchen come together beautifully and on budget.


MaryEllen Murphy

MaryEllen has over 10 years of experience in superior customer service. She is responsible for scheduling all of our installations of cabinetry, countertops, and all other aspects of complete kitchen and bath remodeling. Her outstanding communication skills assure our customers that their experience will be smooth and timely. She is also responsible for purchasing all cabinetry and materials related to all of our jobs.

Kathleen Costello

Kathleen Costello

Kathleen has an extensive background in kitchen design and is know for her patient prospective and attention to detail.  From classic to contemporary, Kathleen focuses on listening to her client’s needs and finding them the best products and in turn presenting the best design for the project.

Dave copy

Dave Aspinwall

Dave is the company’s go-to guy for the fine craftsmanship needed in the installation of cabinetry. His 25 years of experience combined with his patience and impeccable attention to detail cannot be matched.  Dave’s expertise is relied on by both the design team and installation crew; he truly helps create the fine design details that Granite State Cabinetry is known for.

Peter copy

Peter Morris

Pete is the installation manager at GSC. He works closely with MaryEllen and the installers to guarantee that the job is completed to our high company standards. Growing up in the construction business, he has developed a vast knowledge of kitchen and bath installation skills, including installing custom cabinetry for many years. His easy going personality is why so many of our customers develop a great long lasting relationship with Pete.


CJ Batchelder

CJ thoroughly enjoys the challenges that installing custom cabinetry brings. His positive attitude, calming demeanor and expertise are why our customers enjoy having CJ work in their home. CJ leaves a completed kitchen and bath installation looking great and making sure it is of the highest GSC installation standards.

Doug copy

Jeff Hill

Jeff handles all of our storeroom and delivery functions not to mention unloading and receiving all of our materials. He is known to carry cabinets, tools and supplies job after job, and always with a smile and a helping hand.


Linda Clarke

Linda is known for her ability to keep all of our financial components running smoothly. She is an instrumental part of our firm and understands the importance of promptness and keeping both customers and vendors happy.

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