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Hottest Kitchen Trends for 2017

Brother-sister duo Leanne and Steve Ford have been mastering home renovations in western Pennsylvania. Featured on HGTV’s series Restored by the Fords, these kitchen designers have been teaching us a thing or two about the hottest upcoming kitchen trends we can expect to see in 2017.

Living & Dining Room Combo

Open floor plan kitchens are still popular but recently homeowners have been incorporating features of the living and dining room into the kitchen. Straying from the classic kitchen island, many of our clients are leaning towards a rustic wood table. It’s ideal to blend other rooms in the home since a great deal of time is spent in the kitchen with friends and family.

White with a Splash of Color

Perfecting white can seem challenging but once you know how to use this in a room, you can truly make a bold statement. To avoid making the kitchen appear dull and lifeless, we highly recommend using colorful subway tiles, wood grains in the floors or accent pieces that offer a rich texture.

Say Goodbye to Bar Carts

As much as a bar cart may add luxury to your kitchen, they are unnecessary. A lot of liquor manufacturers add unique and intricate labels on their bottles so it’s quite simple to display your liquor in other areas. Consider storing your liquor in open shelves, bookshelves and on top of cabinets. You’ll also be creating significantly more space in your kitchen, and liquor bottles reflect light which will brighten up your space.

Bronze Hardware & Fixtures

Bronze has been showing up in various areas in the kitchen such as appliances, drawer pulls, light fixtures and door hardware. Your kitchen will really pop with bronze trays and vases!

Dual Sinks

A kitchen with dual sinks works wonders especially for those of you who have a large family or are constantly playing host. One sink can be used for meal prep while the other is used for cleanup, helping to cut down on any chaos when entertaining.

Go Retro

Retro appliances and kitchen designs became popular a couple years ago, and they’ve really been making headway as of recent. In 2017, we can expect to see vintage appliances with round edges.

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