Open Floor Plan for your Kitchen?

The kitchen is no longer a room to cook, eat, and leave, it has evolved into a place where family and friends gather and socialize. The kitchen has become the social room in the house, and kitchen designs have been adapted to accommodate that trend. Kitchens are the heart of the home, a central gathering place for families and guests. Kitchen designs have become larger yet more personal. The open floor plan is all the rage!

Open Floor Design

Kitchens should no longer be blocked off as a single room; your kitchen should be the epicenter of your home and an open floor plan would show that. An open floor concept would create a larger kitchen that flows directly into other rooms and spaces of the house such as the living room or dining room. This can create a more connected household and can enhance social interactions and gatherings. A connected kitchen and dining room allows for guests to sit at the table chatting while hosts may be preparing a meal, but they can still socialize because of the open floor plan.

Gaining Popularity

According to a study by Houzz, open-concept plans are featured in the majority of kitchen renovations. These open concepts are a perfect solution for smaller living spaces, they open more room and the open concept provides a perceived feeling of more space. Open floor plans also allow for more natural light within your home.

Benefits for Parents

The open floor design can help parents keep an eye on the kids. While you’re in the kitchen preparing dinner or entertaining guests, your kids may be running around causing all sorts of raucous. Thanks to the open floor plan though, you’ll be able to keep an eye on them while staying put in the kitchen.

If you’re interested in an open concept kitchen, contact the professionals at Granite State Cabinetry today to discuss your new kitchen design!

How to Furnish Your New Bathroom

When designing a new bathroom, or finishing up a remodeling project, furnishing your bathroom may not even cross your mind. Bathroom furniture has become mainstream though, it doesn’t have to be just your living room showing off beautiful furniture!

Bath Furniture

The bathroom furniture trend initially started as designers and homeowners converted antique cabinets, armoires, and étagères into bath furniture. From there it was almost an experimental period. Which furniture would work best in a moist environment, and would serve as useful storage? Bath industry manufacturers responded by producing furniture specifically for the bath environment. This furniture addressed not only the moist conditions but also functional concerns that account for storage requirements, supplies, traps, drains!

Evolution of Bath Furniture

Bath furniture designs and ideas have come a long way since the original cabinets and armoires. Homeowners and bathroom designers have gotten more creative and explorative in their furnishings. Designing bathrooms with sofas, comfy chairs, benches and other pieces that extend the living area into the bath. Wood tones add warmth and serve to contrast white ceramic and acrylic surfaces of tubs, basins and water closets. With this transformation, the standard white vanity has given way to elegant and expertly crafted furniture pieces that create the look and feel of luxury.

The increased popularity of bath furniture also corresponds to the growing size of the bathroom. In the last two decades, the size of the master bath has climbed by an average 180 square feet. Today, in larger homes master baths can exceed 300 square feet! Giving room for furniture that could have never fit before!


Function is another critical factor. Bath furniture manufacturers offer storage solutions and convenience features that include interior adjustable shelving, pullout trays, interior lighting, hairdryer/curling iron holders, interior electric receptacles, USB port charging stations and drawer dividers. You won’t be cramming all your toiletries in one drawer, or panicking trying to find those elusive nail clippers. With functional bathroom furniture, your bathroom organization will be impeccable.

Adding furniture to your bathroom is a growing trend that serves many purposes. Giving your bathroom an elegant style as well as help keep you organized. If you’re interested in taking part in this trend, contact Granite State Cabinetry today to discuss your project!

Avoid Going Over Budget with Your Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation

Renovating your kitchen or bathroom is an exciting process and planning ahead of time will make the project much more enjoyable. There are several factors to consider when undergoing a kitchen or bathroom remodel:

  1. How large/small the space is
  2. Decisions you make
  3. Length/size of the project

The biggest reason that homeowners end up going over budget is due to their desire for products they can’t afford. Clients will generally choose finishes that are at the high end of the price scale. In fact, according to Houzz, in a survey of 120,000 projects, about 50% of budget busting was due to the selection of upscale bathroom and kitchen products. In addition to this, Houzz discovered that 40% of remodeling projects were over budget because homeowners had unrealistic expectations.

Take into consideration the following facts before beginning your remodel:

  • Stock cabinets start at over $50 per linear foot
  • Custom cabinets can cost $2,000 per linear foot
  • Wine racks, knife drawers and additional storage come at an additional cost
  • Low-grade countertops cost $8-$20 per square foot
  • Quartz and granite cost between $50-$120 per square foot
  • Refrigerators range from $1,000-$12,000 (this holds true to other appliances)

We always encourage our clients to factor in the unknown. When the demolition project begins, you never know what is under the flooring or behind the wall. There can be termite damage, water damage, mold, etc.

New construction also must meet building code requirements. If your home is more than 20 years old, the plumbing, wiring and ventilation may all need updating. What does this mean exactly? This means that you may need rewiring and repiping.

Once you have made a decision, don’t look back. Get a schedule going and start demolition after all the products and finishes have been ordered. Changing your mind at the last minute is going to severely slow the project down. 33% of kitchen remodels go over budget due to last minute changes.

Contact Granite State Cabinetry at 603.472.4080 or visit our showroom at 384 Route 101 in Bedford, NH. We’ll help you establish a budget and stick with it, without having you compromise on style or functionality.

Adding Space to Your Kitchen

Homeowners will be surprised to know that you can actually maximize your storage space and create a distinctive design. According to House Beautiful magazine, this is quite easy to do! These ideas are actually cost-effective especially if you’re not looking to conduct a major kitchen remodel.

Showcase silver & serving pieces: If you have those deep overhead spaces right above the cabinets, display your silver and ceramic dishes in this space.

Small, quick fixes: Not looking to showcase your cookware or ceramics? Try using a curtain to store some of your kitchen appliances and utensils. You can also paint this area against the color of your cabinets or backsplash.

Twinkle lights: These are especially useful when attempting to make the space look a bit more attractive.

Mix wallpapers and vases: You can really impress guests and make a statement by putting wallpaper above the kitchen cabinets. When you add a few vases that complement the wallpaper, you’ll really be adding that ‘wow’ factor.

Make a statement: Choose a word or message that really hits home for you and add it to an empty wall in your kitchen. Our creative clients have added fabric topped letters to the wall or they’ve used a single light-up letter as a focal piece.

Add greenery: Create a lush and tranquil atmosphere with flowers and plants. Make sure they aren’t faux or the room could appear uninviting.

Hang art: If you have an abundance of wall space, consider hanging art to add a pop of color. Hanging two rows of artwork at different heights will look absolutely stunning in the kitchen.

Chalkboard Paint: Do you find yourself continuously using sticky notes? Put chalkboard paint on the wall to write continuous messages. Only use this on one part of the wall so you can write down grocery notes, reminders, etc.

Library of Cookbooks: Showcase your cookbooks in the kitchen by lining them above the cabinets. When you have a little bit of extra space and a bundle of cookbooks, there’s no better way to fill that empty area.

Elegant Baskets: Beautifully woven baskets in an assortment of color can make the kitchen look charming, especially if it’s painted in neutral tones.

Our expert kitchen designers will help you utilize the space in your kitchen without going over budget. We have years of experience providing homeowners with kitchen design tips and advice. Please visit us at 384 Route 101 in Bedford NH or give us a call at 603.472.4080.

Kitchen Remodeling in Bedford, NH

Granite State Cabinetry proudly offers professional kitchen renovations in Bedford NH along with custom cabinets to meet your specific style. Our dynamic showroom offers potential customers a better opportunity to explore our variety of kitchen cabinetry, countertops and kitchen hardware. We understand that designing and planning an entire kitchen renovation can be a stressful process. It is our mission to make your kitchen remodeling experience as seamless as possible.

At Granite State Cabinetry, our team will help choose colors and textures that perfectly fit your space. Once we have completed the design, it’s time for us to begin the kitchen remodel.  Forget about the headache that comes with hiring a contractor, plumber and electrician. We gladly coordinate, supervise and remain within your budget to ensure every aspect of your kitchen renovation in Bedford is taken care of. From Omega and Cabico Cabinetry to Medallion and Plain & Fancy, we offer a variety of brands that are sure to match your needs. Whether you’re inquiring about a modern style, rustic appeal or industrial look, let Granite State Cabinetry guide you to your dream kitchen.

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