Why Homeowners Fall in Love with Espresso Cabinets

While white cabinetry remains the #1 choice for homeowners, espresso kitchen cabinets are increasing in popularity. The deep brown beautifully complements the classic whites, blues and green hues. Espresso cabinets truly bring warmth to the kitchen, transforming it from a functional space to a cozy hangout area.

Espresso kitchen cabinets balance out any over-the-top décor you may have to beautifully blend contemporary and traditional flair. Whether you’re trying to balance out vibrant blues on your kitchen stools or break up the dull white tiles on your floor, espresso cabinets provide warmth and charm to any kitchen.

If you aren’t ready for a total kitchen overhaul, you can quickly stain your cabinets. Opt for solid wood with an espresso finish or a metallic finish. Espresso finishes easily blend with any style of kitchen. Distressed espresso cabinets are perfect for those seeking an antique look. Shaker-style cabinets come in espresso finishes and work brilliantly for those who want a modern, clean looking kitchen.

Looking for a mix of contemporary and classic? Add some deep reds to your kitchen for a relaxed look and add some nickel-plated hardware along with glass fronts. This design transforms your kitchen into a contemporary, classic charm. You can also pair your cabinets with a traditional style door for a sophisticated look. Whatever the case may be, espresso cabinets fit with any style kitchen.

The kitchen designers at Granite State Cabinetry offer Southern NH residents with professional kitchen design advice. Offering the best brands in the industry such as Plain & Fancy, Omega, Medallion, Cabico and Dynasty, we ensure our clients receive both beautiful and functional kitchens.

Top Kitchen Floor Ideas in 2017

If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen, there are plenty of materials for flooring but choosing the right one can be a tricky process. You’ll want something that is both affordable and timeless so you don’t need to worry about installing new floors years later.


While bamboo has certainly been a popular floor trend in the past, the array of colors and styles has rapidly grown in recent years. Strand-woven bamboo uses inner fibers making them twice as durable as standard bamboo. This material now comes in wide-plank styles to give the illusion of hardwood floors.

Reclaimed Wood

If you’re looking for the “hand-hewn” look, reclaimed wood is the best option. Since this is factory finished wood, it can easily withstand moisture fluctuations than standard wood flooring.

Large-Format Tile

There has been an explosive amount of sizes, shapes, materials and patterns when it comes to the world of tile. Large-format tiles have grown in popularity, coming in sizes of 12” x 24” and 36” x 36”; these stray away from the typical 12” x 12” tiles. One of the major benefits of having such large sized tiles is that there is more tile surface and less grout.


Cork is a perfect insulator and is significantly more comfortable to walk on than regular hardwood. New factory finishes have been produced, leaving cork extremely durable and coming in a wide variety of colors. However, cork can be damaged by moisture and will fade if exposed to sunlight.

American Hardwood

American hardwood is still going strong! When it comes to cork and bamboo, the materials need to be shipped from other parts of the world but hardwoods can be bought from forests in the U.S. It’s quite easy to purchase oak, hickory, maple, and heart pine.


Concrete is no longer associated with swanky New York penthouses. Now, concrete can be seen in all types of homes and there is a multitude of colors and finishes available. The surface is hard, however, so it’s not too comfortable to walk on.

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How to Design the Perfect Cottage Kitchen

You may not have that fairytale cottage that you’ve been desiring since childhood but there are plenty of ways to transform your home’s interior into a cottage-like atmosphere.

Using exposed cabinetry and incorporating vintage lighting is the first trick to attaining your cottage kitchen. One of the trademarks is open shelving that showcase vintage, floral designed plates. Show off your vintage china collection by distressing the wood on your open shelving.

A quintessential cottage isn’t complete without off-white cabinetry and handmade accessories. Hardwood floors running through the kitchen will really make the light cabinetry pop. Don’t have enough storage? Wicker baskets are a fabulous accessory to complete any cottage-style kitchen.

If you want a real whimsical kitchen, chandeliers are a nice touch above the dining room table. Bamboo lattice-back dining chairs are absolutely breathtaking as well. Cottage style kitchens don’t need to mimic a rural landscape, often times, homeowners opt for a seaside cottage kitchen. Incorporate light green paint and some nautical touches such as seashells, lighthouse fixtures and anchor printed fixtures.

For those who desire a modern spin on a cottage kitchen, make use of exposed cabinets, vintage light fixtures and bright accent colors. Make sure the walls are neutral to make the bright colors pop! Don’t forget about the farmhouse sink as these are typically included in cottage kitchens. You don’t always need white sinks, however, use a pastel color such as vapor green.

Including cottage icons in your design is key and it adds a little something extra to the classic cottage style look. Consider installing beaded boards, moldings and schoolhouse lights. You don’t always need new appliances when updating your kitchen, especially for cottage kitchens. Use refurbished appliances and an antique table for a “lived-in” feel.

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How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck When Selling Your Home

The host of HGTV’s Income Property, Scott McGillivary dishes out about what will truly raise your home’s resale value – a brand new kitchen. Not only has McGillivary hosted Income Property for the past nine years but he has been selling homes for the past 16 years as well.

According to McGillivary, homeowners often renovate prior to selling and it’s a “good idea because if you do the right investments, you are going to make the most return on your investments.”

At Granite State Cabinetry, we’ll work with you to renovate your kitchen and remain within your budget. Whether you need minor improvements such as a new floor or cabinet hardware or you’d like a major renovation, our Southern NH kitchen designers are ready to help.

While many people desire a full kitchen remodel, switching out appliances is the best way to see a return on investment. McGillivrary recently stated that a lack of planning is the largest mistake homeowners make when renovating their kitchens. It’s crucial that you have a tight plan and that you set aside a 20% cost contingency in case any unexpected issues occur.

The team at Granite State Cabinetry is more than happy to provide an assessment of where you’ll receive the most value when renovating. Give us a call at 603.472.4080 to get your kitchen remodeled and increase your home’s resale value. Whether you need cabinetry, countertops or flooring, we have everything you need to create your dream kitchen.

Use Technology to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Technology sure can make our day-to-day tasks much simpler but did you ever consider how new gadgets and gizmos can be incorporated into our kitchens?

Smart Refrigerators

If you’ve ever spent an hour staring at a sticky note trying to come up with a grocery list, you might benefit from a smart refrigerator. These fridges monitor grocery lists, let you order food online, watch videos, follow recipes and more. Food is even preserved longer due to the temperature automatically adjusting to how often the door is open and closed.

Smart Ovens

Another smart purchase is a smart oven! These ovens will adjust your cooking time and temperature based on the level of doneness and the type of pan used. Set the cooking temp. from your smart phone so when you get home, your meal is done. Have you ever needed to adjust your oven but your hands are covered in grease? Luckily, the smart oven is controlled by voice command. You can also set the oven to bake for an hour, broil for a few minutes or just keep your food warm for 15 minutes. There are a few models on the market that even let you watch TV or use the Internet while cooking.

Smart Dishwashers

By using a smart dishwasher, homeowners can turn their dishwasher on or off via their smart phone. These genius appliances also automatically order detergent refills and a smart thermostat can be utilized to adjust the temperature for the heat that the appliance might generate.

Smart Lighting

Through the use of smart lighting, your smart phone will create various ambiances by selecting the proper color, tone and amount of light. Your lightbulb will even flash when you receive a new email or text!

Amazon Echo

From two-day shipping to movie rentals and original series, Amazon is making some major advancements. Amazon’s Echo is a new smart home assistant to turns on the coffee marker for you, tells you the news headlines and plays for your music so you can start the day off right! Not to mention, this little gadget will turn your lights on and off for you.

Bluetooth & WiFi Dinner Plate

Featuring mini cameras and weight sensors, these nifty dinner plates help with portion control by sending you an alert if you eat too much. You can also monitor each meal and connect it to FitBit. A smart fork can also be useful, also measuring your food intake and flashing when you eat too much.

Other Smart Appliances:

  • Smart decanters – Collects info about various winemakers so you can speed up the maturing process.
  • Smart frying pan – Indicates its own cooking temperature.
  • Egg tracker – Scans eggs in the refrigerator so you can see which eggs are older.

If you’d like to have your kitchen remodeled in Southern New Hampshire, give us a call at 603.472.4080. Our award-winning kitchen designers are at the ready to provide homeowners with beautiful kitchens!

Hottest Kitchen Trends for 2017

Brother-sister duo Leanne and Steve Ford have been mastering home renovations in western Pennsylvania. Featured on HGTV’s series Restored by the Fords, these kitchen designers have been teaching us a thing or two about the hottest upcoming kitchen trends we can expect to see in 2017.

Living & Dining Room Combo

Open floor plan kitchens are still popular but recently homeowners have been incorporating features of the living and dining room into the kitchen. Straying from the classic kitchen island, many of our clients are leaning towards a rustic wood table. It’s ideal to blend other rooms in the home since a great deal of time is spent in the kitchen with friends and family.

White with a Splash of Color

Perfecting white can seem challenging but once you know how to use this in a room, you can truly make a bold statement. To avoid making the kitchen appear dull and lifeless, we highly recommend using colorful subway tiles, wood grains in the floors or accent pieces that offer a rich texture.

Say Goodbye to Bar Carts

As much as a bar cart may add luxury to your kitchen, they are unnecessary. A lot of liquor manufacturers add unique and intricate labels on their bottles so it’s quite simple to display your liquor in other areas. Consider storing your liquor in open shelves, bookshelves and on top of cabinets. You’ll also be creating significantly more space in your kitchen, and liquor bottles reflect light which will brighten up your space.

Bronze Hardware & Fixtures

Bronze has been showing up in various areas in the kitchen such as appliances, drawer pulls, light fixtures and door hardware. Your kitchen will really pop with bronze trays and vases!

Dual Sinks

A kitchen with dual sinks works wonders especially for those of you who have a large family or are constantly playing host. One sink can be used for meal prep while the other is used for cleanup, helping to cut down on any chaos when entertaining.

Go Retro

Retro appliances and kitchen designs became popular a couple years ago, and they’ve really been making headway as of recent. In 2017, we can expect to see vintage appliances with round edges.

Interested in learning about more 2017 kitchen design trends? Call Granite State Cabinetry at 603.472.4080 or stop into our showroom at 384 Route 101 Bedford, NH 03110.


Top Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom

While it may not be as luxurious as the kitchen, bathrooms are America’s second most popular home renovation project, per the 2016 Houzz Bathroom Trends Study.

So why not join the rest of us and hop on the bathroom renovation bandwagon with some of the hottest bathroom renovation trends around New Hampshire. This year some of the most popular remodeling projects included luxurious finishes, huge shower spaces, and adding flair of style to your space. If your bathroom needs a face lift now is the perfect time to renovate!

According to recent trends, one of the least used features in the bathroom is the tub. Nationally over 50% of homeowners do not use the tub to bathe whatsoever. Before remodeling a bath, ask yourself if you are going to be using the tub. If not, then this gives you more space and resources to be flexible with your remodel.

With the decline of the traditional bath/shower combination, showers have been trending up in recent years. One hot trend in bathroom remodeling is adding what’s called a “power shower.” Power showers are much bigger in size and space, while adding cool features that you would not find on a traditional shower. Houzz data has shown that 68% of those who are renovating increased shower space by more than 50%. Some other popular shower features included:

  • Rainfall showerhead (54% of remodels)
  • Dual Shower (21%)
  • Curbless Shower (17%)
  • Body Sprays (16%)
  • Footrests (13%)
  • Steam Options (2%)

Newer showers have also enjoyed some other exciting high-tech features that can really bring your bathroom to the next level. Options like mood lighting, built-in speakers, digital controls, LED lighting, and shower heads with Bluetooth speakers all can make you feel like you’re in a Sci-Fi movie.

So you finally have the cool new shower that makes all your friends jealous, what’s next? You must tie it all together for a cohesive look, which means updating the floors and walls with a new trending style.

This year’s common floor materials according to Houzz are ceramic or porcelain tiling. This can add a sophisticated, yet easily cleanable look that not only looks great but provides functionality as well. Some other hot flooring is stone tile, painted wood, stained or unstained hardwood, vinyl and laminate floors. With so many options it’s hard to go wrong with whatever direction you choose.

For wall coverings, we’ve been seeing a lot ceramic and porcelain tiles as well as stone tiles. Other popular options are painted wood panels, stained and unstained hardwood, and the classic- wallpaper. Plenty of options allow you to have your choice at which design/style you want and can open a whole new level of customization.

While it’s not the most glorious part of the bathroom renovation, toilets have actually been seeing some high-tech upgrades in the past few years. In the annual Houzz study, it has been revealed that 20% of toilets installed during a renovation included some kind of high-tech features. Some exciting features showcased include self-cleaning systems, overflow protection, motion-activated seats, built-in night lights, heated seats (perfect for the brutal NH winters), automatic deodorizers and hands-free flushing.

Not only will a bathroom renovation increase the value of your home, it can create a space that feels personalized exactly how you want it- creating a comfortable refuge where you can get away for the stresses of the day. Anyone will appreciate a stylish, useful and beautiful space whether it be your guests or yourself, a bathroom remodel will be well worth the costs.

Over 90% of those who decided to do a master bathroom renovation in New Hampshire enlisted the help of a professional. The Granite State Cabinetry team has assisted in creating the ultimate dream baths for a countless number of happy clients in New Hampshire and beyond. You can take a look at some of our work here and get some inspiration for your next bathroom renovation. If you’re thinking about taking to next step towards creating your dream bathroom give us a call at 603-472-4080 and we’ll get started today!

How to Create a Modern Kitchen Design

Homeowners are beginning to transition from traditional kitchen styles to more modern designs. If you’re looking for a bright, open floor plan then modern may just be right for you. Using ornate features from the Victorian and Gothic eras, modern kitchens are truly remarkable.

Clients who are seeking simplicity often gravitate towards modernism and are quite strategic when it comes to cabinets, fixtures and appliances. Often times, modern kitchen designs require our designers to do more with less materials. We must be observant and innovative and our clients will challenge themselves and surroundings.

According to Domino magazine, modern design requires several characteristics.

  • Clean lines
  • Minimalistic
  • Aesthetically driven
  • Neutral color palettes
  • Functional & stylish
  • Authentic
  • Chic but effortless
  • Understated elegance
  • Alluring and inviting room
  • Luxurious
  • Purposeful & driven
  • Modern & comfortable

Choose Granite State Cabinetry

Granite State Cabinetry offers expert kitchen design advice and we provide the best options in custom cabinetry, kitchen countertops, and flooring. Give us a call today at 603.472.4080 or stop into our showroom to get started.

The Benefits of Incorporating Smaller Appliances into Your Kitchen

Smaller homes are becoming quite popular, not only because they are cheaper but they are cozy and adorable. Homeowners still have the luxury of create a welcoming space without compromising functionality. Appliance manufacturers are now accommodating smaller spaces by producing miniature appliances. Vertical freezers and dishwashers have grown increasingly popular and vertical washer-dryers can fit inside a regular-sized closet.

Some manufacturers are producing appliances that are less than 24 inches – this is a great solution for those residing on beachfront bungalows or cabins. Millennials are now purchasing their first homes which are generally a bit smaller. Mini appliances are perfect for millennials with smaller homes or those looking to save money.

At Granite State Cabinetry, we’re seeing more and more customers with smaller appliances even if they live in a larger home. Refrigerators under the counter are ideal for those in pool houses, auxiliary bars, etc. A smaller refrigerator can also be placed in the bedroom to store juice, water, medicine and more. Vertical wine fridges are now often kept under staircases, pantries and entryways. By installing smaller kitchen appliances into your home, you’ll notice a significant amount of closet and storage space that can be utilized for other items.

If you’re looking for small items in your kitchen, contact Granite State Cabinetry at 603.472.4080. We’ll help you with your kitchen design as well as discuss the best products to fit your needs.

Selecting the Perfect Light for Your Kitchen

At Granite State Cabinetry, we are always happy to sit down with our clients to gage a better understanding of how they want the style of their kitchen to look. By doing this, we can see which materials, fixtures, cabinets and lighting should be incorporated into the room. Some homeowners are seeking a room that appears larger while others desire a more intimate feel.

If you don’t have the proper lighting, your kitchen can appear dull and lifeless. Lighting makes the kitchen seem larger especially if you position the lighting on vertical surfaces. Ambient lighting is a great way to create more space and draw attention to beautiful architecture.

Customers who’ve chosen a stone countertop for an island will surely enjoy a gorgeous chandelier with dimmers. If a customer uses the kitchen late night in the evening, occupancy sensors will be their best bet. These are bright enough to navigate through the kitchen but won’t spread too much light into other rooms in the home.

Colors on the floor, wall coverings, countertops, cabinets, etc. also play a major factor in the look and feel of the kitchen. The light will bounce around more if a dark color is selected since it absorbs more light. Shinier surfaces reflect more light than matted surfaced. If you have dark, textured finishes then you need more light.

Another influence when choosing lighting for your kitchen is the size and space. If the room doesn’t receive a substantial amount of daylight then again, you’ll need more lighting. Recessed lighting is extremely popular as it generates a beautiful color palette. Exposed lamps create a warmer environment compared with sunlight entering the kitchen through glass doors and windows.

For those of you who adore their ambient lighting, pendants and surface-mounted fixtures can be installed around the perimeter. Pendants create light either upward or downward and have a major impact on the look of the kitchen.

Have questions? Give us a call today at 603.472.4080. We have years of experience and follow the latest trends in kitchen design to assist our valued clients with their kitchen redesign. Feel free to stop into our showroom at 384 Route 101 Bedford, NH 03110.

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