Adding Space to Your Kitchen

Homeowners will be surprised to know that you can actually maximize your storage space and create a distinctive design. According to House Beautiful magazine, this is quite easy to do! These ideas are actually cost-effective especially if you’re not looking to conduct a major kitchen remodel.

Showcase silver & serving pieces: If you have those deep overhead spaces right above the cabinets, display your silver and ceramic dishes in this space.

Small, quick fixes: Not looking to showcase your cookware or ceramics? Try using a curtain to store some of your kitchen appliances and utensils. You can also paint this area against the color of your cabinets or backsplash.

Twinkle lights: These are especially useful when attempting to make the space look a bit more attractive.

Mix wallpapers and vases: You can really impress guests and make a statement by putting wallpaper above the kitchen cabinets. When you add a few vases that complement the wallpaper, you’ll really be adding that ‘wow’ factor.

Make a statement: Choose a word or message that really hits home for you and add it to an empty wall in your kitchen. Our creative clients have added fabric topped letters to the wall or they’ve used a single light-up letter as a focal piece.

Add greenery: Create a lush and tranquil atmosphere with flowers and plants. Make sure they aren’t faux or the room could appear uninviting.

Hang art: If you have an abundance of wall space, consider hanging art to add a pop of color. Hanging two rows of artwork at different heights will look absolutely stunning in the kitchen.

Chalkboard Paint: Do you find yourself continuously using sticky notes? Put chalkboard paint on the wall to write continuous messages. Only use this on one part of the wall so you can write down grocery notes, reminders, etc.

Library of Cookbooks: Showcase your cookbooks in the kitchen by lining them above the cabinets. When you have a little bit of extra space and a bundle of cookbooks, there’s no better way to fill that empty area.

Elegant Baskets: Beautifully woven baskets in an assortment of color can make the kitchen look charming, especially if it’s painted in neutral tones.

Our expert kitchen designers will help you utilize the space in your kitchen without going over budget. We have years of experience providing homeowners with kitchen design tips and advice. Please visit us at 384 Route 101 in Bedford NH or give us a call at 603.472.4080.

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