Kitchen Remodeling in Hooksett, NH

chocolate cabinets & hardwood floor kitchen

Hooksett, NH is a remarkable area situated in Merrimack County nestled between Nashua and Amherst. Featuring quaint mom and pop shops, an adorable country store and breakfast spots, Hooksett is truly a warm and welcoming community.

While Hooksett residents enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle, this doesn’t mean they sacrifice style for comfort. The team at Granite State Cabinetry has been working with Hooksett residents for years on their kitchen remodeling needs.

Cabinetry & Flooring in Hooksett, NH

Cabinets and flooring are one of the first items that homeowners look at when beginning their home remodel. We can match any color and design that you’re seeking whether it’s rustic, contemporary, modern or traditional.

Some of the cabinetry brands we work with include:

  • Plain & Fancy
  • Omega Cabinetry
  • Medallion Cabinetry
  • Cabico
  • Dynasty

When it comes to flooring, you may be looking for something vibrant to match your retro kitchen or hardwood flooring to complement the rustic charm. We work with several renowned manufacturers including Florida Tile, The Winchester Tile Company, Jeffrey Court, Congoleum and more.

Countertops in Hooksett, NH

There is an endless selection of countertops, all of which are extremely durable and come in many different colors. Silestone produces resilient countertops, Viatera creates quartz countertops for maximum strength while Wilsonart has stain and scratch resistant countertops. Regardless of the type of countertop, you’re looking for, we will find something to meet your needs.

Choose Granite State Cabinetry

Granite State Cabinetry has years of experience providing Hooksett residents with exceptional kitchen remodeling.  Our expert design team is happy to sit down in our showroom and discuss the process with you. We go over every aspect of the remodeling project including the selection of colors and textures to fit your specific needs.

Rather than sifting through lists of local plumbers, electricians, and contractors, Granite State Cabinetry will take care of this for you. We make sure to oversee and organize all parties involved in the kitchen renovation. In less than 4 weeks our award-winning design team can completely transform an entire kitchen.

With our extensive experience installing custom cabinets, even the most complex spaces can be completed within six weeks. Contact Granite State Cabinetry today at (603) 472-4080.

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