Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry is located in the heart of rich Pennsylvania farmlands. Our Pennsylvania Dutch heritage is represented in each piece that is as beautiful as it is functional. Our products are made in America,

Kitchen Cabinetry by Omega Custom offers furniture finish quality, all wood box construction, interior organization solutions, exclusive mouldings, embellishments and hardware,

Medallion Cabinetry is made from the best materials, skillfully crafted and meticulously finished. Medallion manufactures and markets residential kitchen and bath cabinetry through a network of dealer showrooms coast-to-coast.

For more than 20 years, Cabico has been one of North America’s leading manufacturers of custom cabinetry. Our experience and design flexibility make possible even the most complex and innovative projects in under six weeks.

30 years ago Omega Cabinets created Dynasty Cabinets as a separate offering. Today with the help of their skilled craftsmen and passionate employees, they have grown into one of the leading manufacturers of premium all-wood cabinetry. Dynasty cabinets and Omega cabinets work seamlessly together in any kitchen.